Bath and Shower Products from Follain

5 Must-Have Products for Your Shower

5 Must-Have Products for Your Shower

Bath and Shower Products from Follain

We love trying new products—don’t get us wrong—but regardless of the latest and greatest in the world of clean beauty, these non-toxic favorites will always have a place in our showers.

1. Follain Soap

We’re always stocked with our Follain soap. It’s in every shower and on every sink in our apartments, houses, offices. This is a must-have, good-for-everything basic soap that smells amazing (lavender and lemongrass are available online, with additional seasonal scents in stores). It keeps you clean without the toxic sulfates and fragrances common in mass market soaps. Plus, our signature glass bottle is refillable, so you’re making a smart choice for both your body and the environment.

2. Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose

This cult-favorite scrub is a Follain fave for its dual-action exfoliation and hydration. The sugar makes it gentle enough to use all over (versus a salt-based scrub), and the dreamy blend of oils and shea butter makes it intensely moisturizing. Insider trick: Exfoliate with it before shaving, and then shave with the oils it leaves on your skin. Lastly, this product gets major bonus points for making any bathtub Instagram ready.

3. Baudelaire Dry Brush

If you haven’t been introduced yet, please meet your new favorite self-care ritual. Dry brushing is another great way to exfoliate, but beyond that, it promotes healthy lymphatic drainage. Hang this dry brush in your shower to remind yourself to do it before you turn the water on. It’s a relatively quick, yet calming and effective self-care and body care step.

4. Follain x Osea Lavender Bath Salts

Don’t be misled by “bath” salts—these can also be used in the shower! If you’re lucky enough to have a tub, toss them right in. If not, you can either sprinkle them along the edge of your shower or put some in a bowl in the corner. Both methods will deliver the benefits of the essential oils via steam for the dreamiest shower you’ve ever experienced. 

5. Osea Anti-Aging Body Balm

The Anti-Aging Body Balm is one of our bestselling body moisturizers thanks to its scent and its consistency. It’s a great half-way point between an oil and a lotion, and it delivers mega-hydration without leaving you feeling sticky. Why is in our showers, you ask? Because moisturizers do their best work when applied to wet skin. So turn off the water, apply all over, and sing one more shower song until dry.


Coco Rose Body Polish

Herbivore Botanicals

Lavender Bath Salts

OSEA x Follain

Dry Brush


Brooke McGrath | Photo by Andrew Parsons | Styling by The Woven Canvas | March 22, 2018

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