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Q&A with Esthetician, Herbalist and Founder of Naturopathica, Barbara Close

Q&A with Esthetician, Herbalist and Founder of Naturopathica, Barbara Close

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Barbara Close founded Naturopathica in 1995 with a simple mission: to educate people on the benefits of holistic health and its connection to beauty. Her professionally-proven products are made with natural ingredients and clean actives that work with your skin to deliver results. Many Naturopathica products and ingredients are audited and certified by Ecocert, the largest and longest-standing independent natural and organic cosmetic certification body. Here, Barbara shares her morning ritual, what clean beauty means to her, and more. 

On her morning ritual:

My morning starts with a comical and relaxing round of yoga with my dachshunds. They like to roll around on the mat on their backs while I do “downward dog,” or stick their cold, wet noses in my face while I do the “child’s pose.” Luckily, they get bored after 20 minutes and that’s when I do my mediation practice. I am a big believer that meditation is the foundation for wellness.

Next, I’m off to the shower. One of my naturopathic mentors is Dr. Sebastian Kneipp, a 19th Century Benedictine monk that was an early advocate of the benefits of hot and cold hydrotherapy. I start by selecting an Aromatic Alchemy blend from our collection and inhaling a few deep breaths while rinsing under warm water. Once I feel energized and alert, I turn the water cold for 15 seconds, then hot for 30 seconds, then back to cold—repeating this cycle several times. Recent studies suggest that cold water therapy can improve blood flow and reduce stress and anxiety, among other benefits.

My morning skincare is pretty simplistic. I rinse with water in the shower and follow with a hydrating and smoothing serum, like the Vitamin C15 Wrinkle Repair Serum, followed by the Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum to immediately brighten tired under eyes, since I typically forego concealer. I always finish with an SPF moisturizer, either the Lavender Protective Moisturizer SPF 17 for everyday or the Daily UV Defense Cream SPF 50 for outdoor activities.


In 1 sentence, what clean beauty means to her:

Clean beauty is not about “beauty secrets,” it’s about being at home on the inside and making connections between our lifestyle and how we look and feel—a genuine, organic beauty.


Her personal mantra: That which adapts, thrives.


The best advice she’s ever gotten: 

Know your strengths and don’t be afraid of your weaknesses. Hire people who are smarter in those areas who will challenge you. I’ve worked with tremendously intelligent people who have been instrumental in bringing my visions to life


3 words that describe her brand:

Holistic. Through our skin, body and herbal remedies, we take a holistic approach to treating the skin and body, seeking to address the source of an imbalance, not just the symptoms.

Passionate. We’re committed to well-being, expanding our expertise, and providing better solutions. I like to say that we’re experts that will never stop being students.

Intentional. We take care to approach the natural world around us with mindfulness and warmth, considering the impact that our sourcing and decisions will have on individuals and the environment.

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May 23, 2019

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