nontoxic concealers in pots and tubes

Concealers 101: How to Pick the Right Product For You

Concealers 101: How to Pick the Right Product For You

nontoxic concealers in pots and tubes

Monica, the resident make-up artist at Follain West Village, explains why picking your concealer is about more than just matching your skin tone.

Concealers are not as straightforward as they seem. You can try all kinds of tips and tricks, but ultimately, different concealers work differently and do different things. What someone recommends might not actually be right for you! If you have acneic skin, you probably want to avoid potential pore cloggers, but if you have drier, crepe-like skin, those same ingredients could do wonders for keeping your concealer from creasing. We’ll talk about all of that, plus the easiest ways to find the right colors for you as we break down the amazing clean concealers Follain carries.

W3ll People’s Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer

For those of us with deep, heavy discoloration around the eyes (or anyone who love, love, loves a full-coverage concealer), W3ll People’s Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer is a life-changer. It’s incredibly thick and creamy, so make sure you only take a pinprick of product at a time. This is a great all-over concealer for people who like to really tame discoloration anywhere on the face.

For this product, and any that you’re using to eliminate an unwanted undertone, try to pick the closest to your natural shade. A great way to figure that out is to swipe a small amount of product on the outer edge of your jawline and blend into the skin there.

Pro Tip: If you’re trying to brighten, which can really help wake up the face when you have dark circles, try the shade lighter than your own for some extra pop! This also helps around the mouth to lift the corners—just dab the product onto the outer bottom edge of your lip line and blend outward.

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

RMS’s “Un” Cover-Up works in a very similar way to W3ll People’s concealer—though this product is much, much heavier on the coconut oil and lighter on the pigment. It’s an amazing way to get a super fast, natural yet perked-up look. With significantly less coverage than the W3ll People concealer, it’s meant to be a truly blendable, full-face product.

This is a favorite for those of us who struggle with drier skin, or for anyone with more mature skin. The high oil content keeps your skin hydrated and the product pliable as long as it’s not powdered—this will make it easy to resolve any creasing as the day goes on. Use your ring finger and dab the product to smooth it out. We pop it in our pockets, purses, and make-up bags as a fast solution for any skin issues that pop up on the go. This is one you can even train yourself to apply without a mirror; it’s easier than it sounds.

Ere Perez Arnica Concealer

But for anyone who just loves a full-coverage face, or for acneic folk out there, we have the magic of Ere Perez’s Arnica Concealer. It. Is. A. Powerhouse. It gives you one-swipe coverage for your under-eye, or on blemishes; a matte finish that really lasts and sits incredibly well on the skin; and the healing properties of arnica all wrapped into one product.

This is the best concealer if you’re looking to cover cysts or whiteheads, or just don’t have time throughout the day to reapply a creamier product. This product is going to have staying-power, pigment, and a flawlessly matte finish that’s hard to beat. The candelilla wax base is hydrating, but the high pigment content is what really gives this product its mettle. That, and the arnica, which is a personal favorite ingredient. It’s anti-inflammatory and antiseptic in its purest forms, and an amazing way to relieve puffiness under your eyes or the painful redness of a pimple.

But, Good Skincare Comes First

The biggest recommendation I can give you, though, in regards to how best to use any makeup product, is to start by taking care of your skin. It’s our largest organ and our biggest protector, and the best way to always look clear and fresh is to let yourself be! Working with your skin and figuring out ways to feel good bare-faced are vital. Using good masks and moisturizers, the right cleanser, and toning everyday will do a lot for anyone struggling to feel good in their own skin—or anyone at all. Concealers are amazing for helping us overcome our daily insecurities and feeling like a more powerful and polished version of ourselves, but when you can wash it off and feel good about what’s underneath, you’ll be reinvigorated!

Monica O’Neill, Follain West Village Makeup Artist | February 4, 2019

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