Protect Our Breasts

These Charities Are Clean Beauty Champions

These Charities Are Clean Beauty Champions

Protect Our Breasts

There are several nonprofits that are awesome partners in our mission to change the beauty industry for good. We always say that we couldn’t do what we do without the scientists, researchers, and activists at these organizations—and it’s true. As the clock winds down on 2018, we hope you’ll consider supporting one of these important nonprofits with your end-of-year donations. Remember, no amount is too small, and you can also show your support simply by following them on social media or choosing one of them to be your AmazonSmile beneficiary. 

Protect Our Breasts

Founded in 2011 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Protect Our Breasts spreads awareness about environmental toxins that contribute to breast cancer. Today, there are 28 chapters at the college and high school level, as students from different academic areas work together to research, translate, and share scientific discoveries and information about safer alternatives with their peers. By contributing to their Encouragement Campaign, you’ll help them spread the word about environmental toxins to more young people.

Silent Spring Institute

You may have heard us talk about Silent Spring Institute before and it’s for good reason: Their research helps us define what’s safe and what isn’t when it comes to personal care products. A donation to the institute will support their scientists, who are focused on uncovering the links between environmental chemicals and our health so that we can work toward preventing illness rather than just treating it. 

Environmental Working Group

EWG fights tirelessly to protect the public’s health, with initiatives around consumer goods, food, water, and more. Most of us know their “Clean 15” and “Dirty 12” lists for produce, but they also release guides on different topics so that we can make better, safer choices in all areas of our lives. At Follain, we’re particularly appreciative of the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, which provides details on the safety of products and ingredients in the beauty and skincare world.

Beyond Benign

Green chemistry is a growing field focused on the development of products that reduce the use or creation of hazardous substances. To move clean beauty forward, we need more green chemists, and Beyond Benign is leading the charge. This organization provides educators at every level with the tools they need to bring sustainable chemistry into their classrooms. Your donation will help ensure that the next generation of chemists is committed to practices that are healthy for us and the planet.

Are you supporting one of these impactful organizations this year? Is there another nonprofit you’re passionate about? Let us know @follain.

December 26, 2018

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