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60-Second Swaps with Sarah Fit

60-Second Swaps with Sarah Fit

When we checked in on Sarah Dussault, the we found that some of her beauty products contained synthetic fragrance and PEGS—both of which are included in our restricted ingredients list.

In this edition of 60-Second Swaps, Follain founder and clean beauty expert Tara Foley shares healthy alternatives for the toner, bronzer and cleanser in Sarah’s current rotation.

1. The Toxin-Free Toner: Tammy Fender Bulgarian Rose Water

Sarah has been using an artificially-scented rose gel toner, which could be doing her skin more harm than good. Since she already loves her Cleansing Milk from Tammy Fender, I think she’d love the Bulgarian Rose Water toner from the same line. It’s one of my personal favorites because it’s hydrating, pH-balancing and repairing (it helps with cell regeneration!) in one easy step.

2. The Better Bronzer: Suntegrity Self Tanner

We’ll give Sarah credit for opting to use a bronzer (rather than risk serious skin damage with sun exposure), but there’s a better way to glow. This easy-on, ultra-hydrating formula from Suntegrity mimics your most natural radiance without the harsh chemicals found in most self tanners. The non-greasy, lightly coconut-scented lotion is perfect for mornings or date night.

3. The Foolproof Face Wash: OSEA Ocean Cleanser

It’s no secret we love OSEA here at Follain. This cleanser is gentle enough for daily use, much like the drugstore go-to on Sarah’s shelf, but it’s packed with nourishing ingredients. Hardworking clays combine with microelement-rich proteins, vitamins and amino acids of red algae to detoxify, brighten and amp up collagen. I love the deeply satisfying tingle as it gets to work!


Sources: To learn more about PEGs and 1,4 dioxane check out these articles on EWG &  Safe Cosmetics.

April 16, 2018

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