Nontoxic Deodorants

Why Your Armpits Deserve a Detox

Why Your Armpits Deserve a Detox

Nontoxic Deodorants

In our Follain stores, we spend a lot of time talking about armpits. That’s because deodorant is one of the gateway products for people looking to make the shift to clean beauty—and for good reason. Non-toxic armpit care is key when it comes to cleaning up your beauty routine. Why? Let’s talk about sweat for a second.

First thing’s first, sweat is crucial.

It’s an essential function of the body designed to eliminate toxins. We sweat out of every pore in our body and for the most part, it’s harmless salty water with a benign smell—but our pits are a different story. The sweat produced from our underarms also contains fats and proteins that interact with bacteria on our skin, causing a stink that most of us try to avoid.

We’ve been conditioned to think that a dry and stink-free armpit is the only socially acceptable route, and with the help of some seriously sketchy ingredients, antiperspirants have been made available to us on just about every corner of America. If you’ve been tuned in, chances are you’ve heard about the antiperspirant vs. deodorant controversy. If not, we’ll break it down for you…

What’s the big deal?

It’s pretty simple: Antiperspirants are designed to prevent sweat from occurring by blocking up our pores, leaving us dry on the outside, while also letting in serious toxins. Deodorants, on the other hand, don’t stop us from sweating. Instead, they work to kill the odor-causing bacteria that live on the surface of our skin and in some cases, help absorb a little excess moisture.

The distinction here is important because of one undeniable fact: There’s no such thing as a safe antiperspirant.

Why? Because aluminum.

The active ingredient in pretty much every antiperspirant is aluminum (aka aluminum zirconium), which is one of the big ingredients on our Restricted Substance List. It’s on our list for a number of reasons, but these are the two biggest concerns:

1. Aluminum inhibits our essential detoxification function, which traps both bodily toxins and other product-based toxins in our lymph nodes, near breasts and other sensitive areas. It can also trigger more sweat because our bodies go into overdrive trying to push out toxins through blocked up sweat glands.

2. Many scientific studies suggest a link between aluminum and breast cancer, endocrine disruption and even Alzheimer’s disease, which raises a concern about where these metals go once applied to the body. Not to mention, aluminum-based antiperspirants are applied extremely close to breast tissue and long-term effects of dermal absorption in relation to breast cancer are little known.

The safe solution: clean, aluminum-free deodorant

It’s no big secret that many clean deodorants simply don’t work—and in some unfortunate cases, they can even make us smell worse. That’s why we tested over 35 different formulas before settling on the rockstar lineup sold in Follain stores and online.

Our clean deodorants are all about absorption—without any of the sketchy, toxic ingredients. Baking soda and arrowroot are natural ingredients that work to absorb excess sweat in a powerful way. They also often feature essential oils that work to effectively kill surface bacteria so you can keep smelling great.

A few last things…

While we strongly believe that these aluminum-free deodorants are the most effective in the biz, they’re not miracle workers, so you’ll probably have to reapply before your after-work spin class for optimal results. Also, if you’re making a switch from a conventional antiperspirant, there’s definitely an adjustment period of a couple of weeks as your body detoxes.

One of the greatest perks of switching to clean deodorant is that your body will adjust to the volume of sweat it produces once you’re no longer blocking your pores with aluminum. If you actually allow your body to eliminate toxins the natural way, you’ll end up sweating less than you have in years! We can pretty much guarantee it.


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Brianna Lapolla | Photo by Andrew Parsons | March 21, 2018

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