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Follain’s Inclusivity Oath

Follain’s Inclusivity Oath

Follain Seattle

At Follain, we do not tolerate racism of any kind. Our doors are open to everyone, but we recognize that Follain—and the clean beauty industry as a whole—has a lot of work to do, to be a more inclusive and supportive ally of the BIPOC community. We take this work seriously for many reasons, because our commitment to health and wellbeing is one that extends to all people. The biggest impact we can make as a business is through long-term, sustainable changes to the way we operate. To that end, we’ve isolated five areas where we promise to hold ourselves accountable going forward, through regular company-wide assessments.

1. Commit Shelf Space to Diverse Brand Founders

We are joining the pledge to commit at least 15% of our shelf space to Black-owned brands, and as part of that, at least 20% to BIPOC brands. The mentoring, testing, training, marketing, and promotion of more diverse brands will have a sweeping impact at Follain and throughout clean beauty.

2. Amplify & Support Organizations Working Toward Racial Equity in Environmental Health & Wellness

The BIPOC community is more adversely impacted and targeted by unsafe ingredients in beauty and personal care products. We will amplify and support the organizations focused on education and change in this arena.

3. Diversify Marketing Partnerships

We will continue to expand our creator, influencer, model, and other partnerships on all channels, amplifying inclusive content and events in our stores and online.

4. Diversify Team Recruiting

We will deliberately and proactively source diverse candidates for all future open roles across the organization, from internships to leadership positions.

5. Commit to Bias Training & Education

We will hold mandatory team trainings on anti-racism, allyship, and unconscious biases, and ensure we are well-positioned to communicate with and serve all.

June 21, 2020

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