woman massaging face

How to Give Yourself a Heart-Centered Self-Care Facial Massage

How to Give Yourself a Heart-Centered Self-Care Facial Massage

woman massaging face

There are lots of reasons we love a good facial massage. Not only can it reduce tension in your facial muscles, improve complexion, and reduce stress, but it can also help your products absorb better into your skin. And better yet, you don’t need to book a day at the spa to reap these benefits and more.

For a lesson on how to create your own facial massage ritual at home, we turned to our friends at OSEA, who have their very own skincare studio in Venice Beach, California. Here are their step-by-step instructions:

1. Cleanse skin and gently pat dry.

2. Mist with toner.

3. Pump facial oil onto fingertips and into palm of hands. Warm by rubbing hands together to awaken essential oils and your senses. Allow yourself one to three deep inhalations to center, ground and signal to your body that it is time to relax and enjoy these nurturing moments of self-care.

4. Begin by gently patting your heart center, the space above the breast tissue and below the collar bones. Pump the area three to eight times, while breathing mindfully.

5. Apply oil by gently patting onto the front of neck, the lips, the cheeks, the under-eye area, finishing with the forehead.

6. Using the pads of your fingertips of your index, middle, and ring fingers, gently glide along the neck moving from collar bone to under chin, using 8 upward strokes.

7. Moving to the center of chin, place pads of index fingers in center and move horizontally outward towards ears, remaining on jawline. Repeat one to three times.

8. Acupressure: Place one pointer finger pad above lips onto your cupid’s bow and apply medium, static pressure to this point for one to three breaths. This is a Chinese acupressure point known to help ease the mind, stress, and even relieve muscle cramps. After you finish your mindful breaths, from this position, add your second index finger then glide out horizontally towards your ears. Repeat one to three times.

9. Reducing pressure to feather light and using ring fingers, glide horizontally from under eyes toward temples. Repeat one to three times.

10. Using both index fingers with light to medium pressure and alternating one after the other, apply quick, upward stokes to lift between brows in center of forehead by eyes, one finger after the other to smooth fine lines between brows. Repeat 10 to 20 times.

11. Acupressure: Gently pinch under and above brow to give the eyes a lift using the thumb and index fingers. Hold three points, for 10 seconds each.

12. Massage temples using index and middle fingers in a circular motion for a minimum of 8 seconds or eight rotations.

13. From the third eye point (located on the forehead, between your eye brows), gently glide the index fingers horizontally and bi-laterally from center of forehead out towards temples/outer hairline, until you reach the top of the forehead (for most people this will be two to three pathways on the forehead).

14. Once you reach the top of the forehead, reverse by gliding horizontally from center of forehead towards temples/outer hairline across entirety of forehead, from under eyes (lightening pressure) towards temples, from the cheeks towards the ears, from cupids bow towards the ears, from the center of the chin towards the ears.

15. Shifting pressure to be feather light, glide down the neck three times, guiding lymph away from face and toward the heart.

16. Ending with both hands on your heart center, apply three to eight pumps and stroke outward with each hand towards shoulders. Should you choose, you may wish to clasp hands together in a prayer-style hold of gratitude for this time of mindful self-care. Namaste.

April 3, 2019

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