Woman Reading Cosmetics Label

Fairy Dusting: Have You Fallen for This Marketing Trick?

Fairy Dusting: Have You Fallen for This Marketing Trick?

Woman Reading Cosmetics Label

A product package may boast popular plant-based ingredients, but that doesn’t mean you can take it at face value.

What is “Fairy Dusting”?

Fairy dusting, also sometimes known as angel dusting, is when an active ingredient is added to a product at a low level, just so the company can use it in its marketing claims. When you see beneficial ingredients highlighted on a label, you may feel more inclined to buy a product in the hopes of reaping the benefits of said ingredients. Sadly though, often these ingredients aren’t included in large enough amounts to actually make a difference in your skin. Thus emerged the term fairy-dusting—including a mere “sprinkle” of the good stuff.

Many conventional brands highlight two or three plant-based ingredients when describing a given product, but when you turn the package around, you realize those ingredients are listed at the very bottom of the ingredient list, with toxins or fillers at the top. Do you ever read your shampoo bottle when washing your hair? For some unknown reason I constantly find myself doing that. There’s always this moment when you’re reading the front side of the bottle where you go, “Oh cool, this shampoo I’m using has argan oil in it,” but then you turn it around and think “Aw man, this shampoo has sulfates and synthetic fragrance in it.” Suddenly the argan oil seems a lot less impressive. But that right there is the trick! Many consumers read the what the brand wants them to read, which is often the front of the package and a short description on the back. What the majority of consumers miss are the ingredients listed in very, very tiny font—and for good reason: The brand doesn’t want you to read and analyze the ingredient list! If every consumer took the time to do this, many conventional brands would suffer.

How To Know if a Brand is Fairy Dusting

So what should you look for when determining whether or not a brand is fairy dusting? Easy! Review the ingredient list and see where the two or three highlighted ingredients noted on the front of the bottle are actually listed. Are they toward the beginning or the end? If the answer is the end, consider yourself fairy dusted! Time to ditch and make the switch.

The Follain Promise: Tried, Tested and Truthful

Luckily for you, we’ve simplified the shopping process by never including any toxins, fillers or harmful preservatives in any of our products. This means we have no need to distract you with common industry tactics like fairy dusting. When we highlight ingredients like argan oil, we’re highlighting a primary ingredient in that product (not just a teeny drop). Shop with aplomb, our green beauties!

Ellen Bradley, Education Specialist | October 23, 2018

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