Tiffany of Follain Bethesda Row

Bethesda Store Director Tiffany’s Local Recommendations

Bethesda Store Director Tiffany’s Local Recommendations

Tiffany of Follain Bethesda Row

In the past, we’ve hosted pop-up events in DC, but this year we decided to put down roots by opening a Follain location in BethesdaIn celebration of this new home, we asked our store director Tiffany to tell us all about her favorite local spots for healthy, happy living. 

Meet Tiffany

Tiffany left a 10-year project management and consulting career to pursue food, wellness, and nutrition. When she discovered Follain, she felt an immediate connection to the people behind the store—mission-driven market disruptors are her kind of people!

She received her certification in health coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Master’s in Gastronomy from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. You can often find her in the kitchen trying out new recipes or old favorites she learned while living in Italy. She also loves ballroom dancing. 

Favorite Places in DC & Bethesda:

1. Calabash Tea and Tonic in Shaw

Best Places for Wellness in DC & Bethesda: Calabash Tea and Tonic

“It was started by Dr. Sunyatta Amen, a fifth-generation herbalist. It has won Best Tea House in DC year over year and has such a welcoming vibe. Instead of asking what you would like to order, they ask you how they can heal you today. They see the connection between what they serve and how the body functions. And their vegan bacon is unbelievable.”

2. Equinox 

Best Places for Wellness in DC & Bethesda: Equinox

“This gym is my sanctuary and allows me to switch up my workouts every single day based on what I’m feeling.”

3. Varnish Lane

Best Places for Wellness in DC & Bethesda: Varnish Lane


“This is a waterless nail salon that uses natural products in a luxurious setting. They use oil to cleanse and even carry some of the same products that Follain does.”

4. Glen’s Garden Market

Best Places for Wellness in DC & Bethesda: Glen's Garden Market


“Glen’s was started by Danielle Vogel, who is a fourth-generation grocer. She is passionate about climate change and environmental justice and was working on the Hill to pass legislation, but everything fell through the day the bill was to be voted on in the House. She decided she could have an even bigger impact by opening an environmentally conscious grocery store. She sources as much as possible within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and has helped launch over 80 small businesses on her shelf—half of which are woman-owned!”

5. Great Falls

Best Places for Wellness in DC & Bethesda: Great Falls

“The river, falls, and national park run from Virginia to Maryland. You can escape from the city within minutes and feel like you’re miles away.”

6. Roosevelt Island

Best Places for Wellness in DC & Bethesda: Roosevelt Island

“This is a lesser known island across the Potomac from DC. It’s full of walking trails, hiking, and nature—all within view of DC!”

Come visit us at our Follain Bethesda store at 4810 Bethesda Ave. #24! For more local DC area recommendations, check out our Pinterest board.

November 16, 2018

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