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Josh Rosebrook

A former hair stylist, Josh Rosebrook was driven to create his own naturally sourced products when he couldn’t find what he wanted on the market. His products work in synergy with the body’s biochemistry to draw on the healing abilities of the scalp and skin, delivering visible results. Here, Josh answers your questions about hair and scalp health.

People are starting to talk a lot more about scalp health. Why is this important and what should we be doing?

Scalp health is imperative to beautiful hair and long-term growth. Scalp issues are also a signal for what is going on in the body. Diet/gut issues, allergens, stress, hormonal changes, and environmental/seasonal factors can all appear as inflammation conditions or trigger dormant scalp diseases that would otherwise be kept at bay. It’s all connected—so when inflammation is present, scalp function is impaired and follicles suffer and can become damaged.

Healthy, beautiful hair requires nutrient-dense blood which correlates directly to the diet. This rich bloodstream is picked up by the hair bulb in the follicle and where the hair shaft is formed. Strong, healthy follicles are imperative to our best hair health, shine, strength, and growth. If the diet isn’t rich with nutrition, our hair and scalp will suffer. Topically we can support scalp health by effectively stimulating the follicle, which has been scientifically proven to increase blood flow and help encourage strong hair growth and healthy scalp function. We use a group of herbs in a specific concentration that creates a unique synergy in all our hair care products to help activate the follicle and support this natural process.

How long should someone use a product before they decide it’s not working?

This is quite relative. It depends on what has been used previously and for how long, the amount of damage or sensitization, and the degree of possible synthetic build up on the hair and scalp. For some, scalp turn over and healing can take week or two, others might require a month or so. Once switching to a more effective plant-based hair care routine, the results can also begin to appear immediately.

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May 23, 2019

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