All Natural Substitute for Petroleum Jelly

A Healthy Alternative to Petroleum Jelly

A Healthy Alternative to Petroleum Jelly

All Natural Substitute for Petroleum Jelly

Next up in our series of clean swaps… a non-toxic dupe for your favorite drugstore ointment. Read on to learn about the dangers of petroleum jelly and discover our Follain-approved alternative.

The Problem with Petroleum

Chances are you’ve used petroleum jelly at some point in your life. Sure, it can be effective when it comes to healing chapped lips, soothing scrapes and hydrating super dry feet… but that doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Petroleum, the base of most conventional ointments, is not the cleanest of ingredients. It’s derived from a crude oil (one that lines the base of oil rigs—seriously), which means it must be refined for use.

Many commercial manufacturers opt for a ‘low-grade’ refinement process to cut down on production costs, resulting in a significantly lower quality oil. There’s also a higher likelihood that these oils will contain trace elements of chemicals that have been linked to cancer. Yikes.

Even worse? Once some of these toxins enter our bodies, they never leave. But there’s another big problem with petroleum: It’s not nearly as effective as it claims to be.

Why doesn’t it work?

While petroleum can create the illusion of moisturized skin, it actually sits on the surface, suffocating your pores. It forms a barrier that prevents actual moisture from leaving the skin—rather than delivering necessary hydration to actually soothe dryness. What you’re really getting is instant gratification without any long-term benefits.

So, we set out to find a better alternative. We searched high and low for a product that was not only safe, but also outperformed the petroleum jelly products sold at drugstores.

And the winner is…

All You Need Is Me from True Organics of Sweden. The name pretty much says it all: This healing ointment is the only one you really need.

It does everything other brands claim to do—soothes chafing and sunburn, heals cuts and scrapes, hydrates dry patches—without any of the toxins. True Organics uses wholesome, organic ingredients in their formula (think: olive oil, shea butter and castor oil).

We keep a tube of this stuff everywhere: on our nightstands, in our work totes, in our gym bags. And as soon as you try it, we know you’ll do the same.


All You Need Is Me
True Organics of Sweden

Brianna Lapolla | April 6, 2018

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