Store Educator Megan’s Favorite Places in Seattle

Store Educator Megan’s Favorite Places in Seattle

Earlier this year, we opened our first store on the West Coast at Seattle’s University Village. We wanted a local perspective on what to see and do in Seattle, so we talked to Megan, one of our store educators.

About Megan

When Megan isn’t at Follain, you can usually find her outside. She likes just about every outdoor activity, including hiking, camping, kayaking, surfing, riding horses, sailing, and swimming. She’s a photographer by trade, so her camera is never far away, either. She’s currently working on a project that reflects our impact on our natural world.

She loves good coffee, floral installations, insightful novels, and other people’s dogs. She said, “I love being a part of Follain because it so closely aligns with my ideals of health and sustainability.”

Favorite Places in Seattle

Discovery Park

Best Places for Wellness in Seattle: Discovery Park

“It’s one of my very favorite places to explore and it’s just over in Magnolia—right in the city! There are several trails to take through forest and grassland, most of which can lead you to the beach and a beautiful lighthouse. I’ve seen bald eagles, seals and sea lions, ospreys, and even river otters along the coast here.”

SOL Yoga

Best Places for Wellness in Seattle: SOL Yoga

Image: Pinterest

“This studio is right on Lake Washington, and offers several different yoga classes, all rooted in Vinyasa. I love that I have the option to really ramp things up with a HIIT yoga class, or do SUP yoga right on the lake. The SOL community is also extremely warm and welcoming.”

Ballard Farmer’s Market

Best Places for Wellness in Seattle: Ballard Farmer's Market

“While Seattle has no shortage of amazing farmer’s markets (you can pretty much find a different one every day), one of my favorites is right in my neighborhood. The Ballard Farmer’s Market occurs every Sunday morning and offers some of the best selection of fresh, local, in-season produce, as well as fun food trucks with snacks and treats.”

Juice Box Cafe

Best Places for Wellness in Seattle: Juice Box Cafe

“This plant-focused cafe is not only adorable but also uses locally sourced produce for its an ever-evolving menu full of delicious healthy offerings, such as harvest bowls, sandwiches, cosy brunch dishes, and, of course, juice and smoothies. They have a kimchi quesadilla that is NUTS.”


Best Places for Wellness in Seattle: Glasswing

“I’ll be honest, the mission for most of my visits to Glasswing in Capitol Hill is to buy more plant babies. They always seem to have unique plants for sale, in addition to their beautiful clothing, accessories and home goods.”

Come visit us in Seattle’s University Village, and for more Seattle recommendations check out our Pinterest board.

December 14, 2018

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