skincare creator tammy fender

6 Tips From Tammy Fender for a February Full of Self-Love

6 Tips From Tammy Fender for a February Full of Self-Love

skincare creator tammy fender

Tammy Fender is renowned for her holistic approach to beauty, helping people take care of their bodies, minds, and spirits through her line of nourishing, plant-based products as well as the treatments she offers at her Palm Beach spa. As a pioneer of the clean beauty movement and an advocate for holistic wellness, Tammy inspires us to be gentle with ourselves and practice self-care every day. We asked her to share some of her favorite tips for this time year, as winter marches toward spring.

1. Savor the AM Hours

As the sunlight returns, it’s a great time to enjoy the early morning hours, considered potently healing in so many spiritual traditions. Rising at dawn along with the sun brings a powerful energy into your days.

2. Have Sweeter Dreams

Bring the loving vibration of rose into your dreams. During these dark nights, it’s a great time to spritz your pillow with Bulgarian Rose Water just before bed time.

3. Go Makeup Free on Sunday

Time to rest and restore! Plan a pause in your makeup routine for a whole long and languid Sunday. Gently cleanse your face and treat the skin to a wealth of nourishment—Quintessential Serum is my favorite, for its deeply penetrating nutrients and protective dewy veil.

4. Let Your Morning Be Light

Candlelight casts a beautiful glow over the mornings, too. Starting the day by candlelight brings a very special golden aura to breakfast time, and ushers us towards all that’s to come with such a gentle start.

5. Treat Your Feet 

Applying a drop of a favorite essential oil to the bottoms of the feet offers such gentle support. Not only does it absorb so quickly, but it also strengthens our connection to the earth.

6. Refresh As Needed 

I always travel with a small spritzer bottle of Bulgarian Rose Water in my handbag. No matter what the day holds, taking a moment to refresh brings me back to my heart’s center—and offers a lovely lift to the complexion.

For even more inspiration from Tammy, check out her playlist of relaxing sounds for your at-home spa day

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February 1, 2019

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