Gift Ideas from Tara Foley

Gift Guide: Tara’s Favorite Things

Gift Guide: Tara’s Favorite Things

Gift Ideas from Tara Foley

For me, the holidays are all about spending time with loved ones, but there’s also joy in picking out the perfect gift for each of them. From self-care essentials to luxe items for clean living, here’s what I’m gifting this year.

A Basket for Beauty Sleep

Slip silk eye mask + Follain Dream Bath Elixir + Bon Temps chamomile tea + Lake PJs + maybe even the The Sleep Revolution: For pretty much anyone, as we could all use more sleep. These are beautiful and sustainable tools for the ultimate self care…rest!

House Plants

A potted plant and the Plant Parent Club membership from The Sill: This gift is also for anyone and everyone, because as The Sill says so well, plants make people happy. They’re also great to have in your house for removing VOCs and other toxicants in the air. And they look great everywhere, though I’m partial to bathroom and kitchen countertops because that’s where I spend the most time.

23andme Ancestry Kit

This is the perfect gift for some of my family members, because what makes holidays and gatherings better than analyzing that stuff together?  

Self-Care Set

This holiday season, I’ll probably give everyone I know a face mask. We could all be using them more often and they’re also really fun to do together over the holidays. I’ll pair the mask with a bath soak from Follain, and if I’m feeling very generous, a bathrobe from Coyuchi, my favorite organic bath and bedding company.

Some fan-favorite face masks that I’m planning to gift are:

Berkey Water Filter System

This one is for my parents (but also really for when I come visit!). The Berkey removes more than 200 contaminants to provide clean, safe drinking water.

Reusable Straws

Next on my shopping list is a Tiffany straw for someone with fancy taste, who may also be a total maniac about waste (some of my friends have been known to carry around and re-use plastic straws, so this would be a major upgrade). Otherwise, I like to gift the regular reusable straws from Greens Steel that I personally have and love.

Stylish Sneakers


I want to spread my love of sneakers to my friends, so I’m thinking of gifting my favorite ones, Chucks. Otherwise, I’ll probably wrap up a gift card to the Goat or a local sneaker shop. It’s the best gift for anyone who has to run around just as much as (if not more than) I do, and is a fellow sneaker junkie.

Portable Ceramic Bowls

W&P’s ceramic bowls are for anyone who needs to up their desk-lunch game, like me, my husband, and many others I know!

Ice Cream

My family’s favorite “Sunday sundae” tradition is one worth sharing with a gift box from Jeni’s.

Tara Foley | November 28, 2018

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