Travel Essentials from Follain

Keep Your Skin Happy With This Easy In-Flight Facial

Keep Your Skin Happy With This Easy In-Flight Facial Routine

Travel Essentials from Follain

Air travel is notorious for leaving skin feeling dehydrated, dull, and, honestly, a little bit icky. To make matters worse, TSA frowns upon packing your entire medicine cabinet in your carry-on. With a little preparation, it is possible to complete a simple, highly effective in-flight beauty routine using multipurpose products, so you can arrive at your destination fresh, glowing, and with room for souvenirs.

1. Cleanse & Tone

First, I must insist on hand sanitizer. Airplanes are havens for bacteria, so spray on a bit of Intelligent Nutrients Hand Sanitizer before you touch your face.

To start your in-flight routine, begin by cleansing your face with an individually packaged Ursa Major Essential Face Wipe, even if you boarded your flight fresh-faced. Next, spritz on a hydrating face toner. Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator is the ultimate travel companion. I don’t fly without this product in its convenient travel size. Don’t hesitate to spritz yourself freely throughout your flight!

2. Get Your Mask On

These days, applying a full sheet mask on long-haul flights is de rigueur, but if you don’t want to scare your seatmate, may I suggest Josh Rosebrook’s Advanced Hydration Mask instead? Rich in essential fatty acids, a botanical hyaluronic acid, and blue tansy, this mask is mega-hydrating and calming. Plus. it goes on clear so you can avoid any strange looks from across the aisle.

Bonus: I use this “mask” as my night cream when my skin is feeling dry, so not only can you fall asleep on the plane wearing it (try that with a sheet mask!), but it can also pull double duty for the duration of your trip.

Intelligent Nutrients Hand Sanitizer

Intelligent Nutrients

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

Hydrating Accelerator

Josh Rosebrook

Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask

Advanced Hydration Mask

Josh Rosebrook

3. Hydrate Skin

The humidity in the cabin air is around 20%, compared to the 40 to 60% most of us are used to on land. Combining a few drops of a nutritive oil—Pai’s rosehip oil is a great travel choice—with a rich face cream like OSEA’s Advanced Protection Cream can provide your skin with hydration and act as a barrier against the dry air inside the cabin.

4. Treat Eyes & Lips

After you have applied your desired hydration, it’s time to address eyes and lips. Cocokind’s MyMatcha stick is another travel must-have. Swipe this magic little stick across your under eye area, lips, cuticles, elbows, knees, toes . . . I’m kidding, but not really. This nourishing moisture stick provides on-the-go hydration wherever you need it, and the matcha’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce puffiness around the eyes.

Before landing, cleanse, tone and moisturize again. If your flight arrives at night, feel free to leave it at that. If you’re landing during the day and you prefer a bit of makeup, I’d reach for a few multi-tasking products.

Bonus: The Best Multitasking Makeup for Traveling

First, ILIA Tinted Moisturizer can help even skin tone and offers a boost of SPF. Use a clean finger to dab RMS “Un” Cover Up concealer on any spots and redness as well as underneath your eyes. I also like to use my finger to apply a bit of RMS Lip2Cheek on, well, my lips and cheeks. Add a swipe of Jane Iredale’s PureBrow Brow Gel to tame any unruly brows and you are ready to de-plane.

Bon voyage, mon cheri!

RMS Un Cover Up

“Un” Cover-Up

RMS Beauty

RMS Lip2Cheek


RMS Beauty

Jane Iredale - PureBrow Brow Gel Jane Iredale - PureBrow Brow Gel Jane Iredale PureBrow Brow Gel

PureBrow Brow Gel

Jane Iredale

Megan Rogers, Seattle Store Educator | April 23, 2019

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