New York Store Director Yilla’s Local Recommendations

New York Store Director Yilla’s Local Recommendations

After a successful New York pop-up, we’ve finally returned to the city with a permanent location! Follain NYC opened in late 2018 at 92 Greenwich Avenue in the West Village. To mark this exciting launch, we spoke with our New York store director, Yilla, about her favorite local spots.


Before working in beauty, native New Yorker Yilla jumped in and out of fashion, but it became too exhausting for her as a full-time student. She needed a quiet job during college and ended up working at a boutique spa in the West Village. After struggling with cystic acne for all of her teen years, she had her first facial, which she said “pretty much changed my life.” But she’s always practiced skincare: Her mother used to mix pearl powder with egg whites to make detoxifying brightening masks and they never left the house in the winter without a glob of moisturizer on. She said, “If our cheeks were flushed (inflamed), our energies were imbalanced.”

These days, Yilla’s trying to commit to writing daily, reading more, dancing every week, and slowly transitioning to a low-waste lifestyle without her partner noticing. She’s also getting reacquainted with the West Village. “It’s a beautiful neighborhood with such a rich LGBTQ+ history that I’ve missed!” she said. 


“I grew up in Brooklyn. What a lot of people coming into the city assume is that New Yorkers are rowdy, but natives are very approachable and helpful. (I’m not just saying that to stroke my own ego!) Living with almost every ethnic food available shaped me as a person and helped me understand and accept people more deeply. My parents were herbalists, so I grew up in their Chinatown shop surrounded by herbs, dried scallop, and fresh ginseng. I used to take a handful of cut root and chew it like candy . . . and that’s why I ended up needing braces.”


West Village Florist (70 Greenwich Ave)

Local New York Recommendations: West Village Florist

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“It’s a beautiful little family-run flower shop that is my go-to for holiday bouquets. They put out super affordable, lush and abundant colorful arrangements, so whenever I have to meet someone for dinner, I run over before they’re all gone.”

L’OBJET (370 Bleecker St)

Local New York Recommendations: L'OBJET

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“This is a high-end French home goods shop with beautiful pieces to draw inspiration from. Each item is minimalist but has some kind of pop of color or an interesting base. There’s an incense holder that is shaped like a pair of lips and a swan-shaped salt cellar.”

Amélie (22 W. 8th Street)

Local New York Recommendations: Amelie Wine Bar

“A cozy wine bar that offers the staff’s favorite picks in flights. They have an absolutely wonderful assortment of wines (of course) and charcuterie boards, the tartare is delish, and the service is lovely.”

Caffe Reggio (119 Macdougal St)

Local New York Recommendations: Caffe Reggio

Image: New York Post

“Picturesque Italian café with scenic windows and moody lighting—my old haunt. It’s right next to legendary jazz bars and famed beatnik spots and also just a warm place to sit when you’re people-watching. The cappuccinos are good, obviously.”

Come visit Yilla and the rest of the Follain NYC team 92 Greenwich Ave in the West Village. And for more New York recommendations, check out our Pinterest board.

January 9, 2019

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