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6 Things We’re Thankful for This Year

6 Things We’re Thankful for This Year

Follain Dallas Store

Thanksgiving is always a good time to pause and take stock of the many good things in your life. At Follain, we have a lot to be thankful for this year, from new stores to new babies. Here’s our 2018 gratitude list:

1. Four New Follain Homes

Follain got its start as a single, small store in the South End of Boston, but our mission is to bring the best of clean beauty across the country. We’re proud to have opened stores in Bethesda, Seattle, New York, and Dallas this year. It takes a small army and lots of community support to open a new store and we’re very thankful for all the people who helped us set up shop and welcomed us to the neighborhood.

2. New Partners and New Products

We never add products to our shelves just for the sake of taking up space, so when we do bring something new into our portfolio, it’s because we really, really believe it in. This year, we’ve joined forces with about 10 new brands across all different categories, including Ere Perez, Mahalo, Innersense.

3. The Golden Oldies

Remember that song we all sang in Scouts, “Make New Friends, But Keep the Old?” That’s how we feel about our brand partners. We love discovering new brands and products, but we’re also thankful for the clean beauty pioneers who’ve been with us from the very beginning. (Tammy Fender, Soapwalla, and Farmaesthetics, we’re looking at you!) The industry wouldn’t be where it is today without these awesome trail-blazers.

4. The Scientists, Researchers, and Advocates

Our work rests on the shoulders of many dedicated scientists who investigate environmental toxins, as well as organizations that advocate for and educate the public about safer consumer products. We rely on their work to be able to update our all-important and always-evolving restricted ingredient list. We truly wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them, which is why we’ve selected the Silent Spring Institute as our partner for Giving Tuesday this year.

5. A Growing Follain Family

We welcomed three baby girls to the Follain family this fall and are grateful that the future of clean beauty looks bright for the next generation. But the little ones aren’t the only new additions. As the clean beauty boom continues, our Follain HQ team is expanding, too. That means more people committed to disrupting the beauty industry, seeking out the best products, and advocating for safer personal care products all around.

6. The Clean Beauty Revolution

When Tara Foley started Follain in 2013, she faced plenty of naysayers. But now, new clean beauty brands and retail stores are popping up all the time. And yes, that means there’s more competition for us, but ultimately, it’s a good thing; it’s a strong signal that consumers want cleaner, safer, better beauty and that’s one change that we’ll never stop being grateful for. Thanks to all of you—our fans, followers, and customers—for being part of the revolution!

November 19, 2018

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